Estate Tax Amnesty EXTENDED until June 2023!

Republic Act 11569
An Act extending the estate tax amnesty and for other purposes, amending section 6 of republic act no. 11213, otherwise known as the “Tax Amnesty Act”

Republic Act No. 11569 (“RA 11569”) signed into law by the President

Republic Act No. 11569 (“RA 11569”) amending Section 6 of Republic Act No. 11213 (“RA 11213”) has been signed into law by the President that extends the estate tax amnesty period for another two years. Thus, the new deadline for submitting estate tax amnesty returns under RA 11569 is June 14, 2023.
“The payment of the amnesty tax shall be made at the time the Return is filed: Provided, That for non-resident decedents, the Estate Tax Amnesty Return shall be filed and the corresponding amnesty tax be paid at the Revenue District Office No. 39, or any other Revenue District Office which shall be indicated in the Implementing Rules and Regulations,” RA 11569 read.

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